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NBA Open Court is definitely one of my favorite talk shows of all time. If you have not heard about it, NBA Open Court is a basketball pro talk show on NBA TV. The panels include some of the biggest names like Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber, Steve Smith, and others.

Additionally, Ernie Johnson is the moderator in the show. They talk all kinds of things related to basketball. The reason why the show is very appealing to NBA fans is because their knowledge of the game is off-the-chart.

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Here is one of the episodes of NBA Open Court Talk Show:

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The Best Basketball Pro Talk Show is Open Court

“”Tallest Tale of the NBA”” is the first episode of NBA Open Court ever. The show originally aired on November 22, 2011. That time, Steve Kerr was still working for NBA TV. Steve Kerr eventually becomes the head coach of the Golden State Warriors and wins multiple titles with his team.

The show begins by showing the players’ draft night and lowlights of their career. After the hilarious clips, Ernie asks Shaq: “”Who do you think had the best NBA debut?”” and Shaq answers Steve Kerr.

The fact is, Steve Smith had the best NBA debut among any other players in the panel. Smitty scored 24 points, dished out 5 assists, grabbed 6 rebounds, and managed to get 2 steals. That is an amazing stat for a rookie who plays his first NBA game.

Steve Smith then explains that he is the ball handler in the team during his rookie season and jokes about Rony Seikaly only averages 3 assists in his career. Actually, Rony averaged 1.3 assists during his NBA career.

Next question is for Reggie Miller. Ernie asks “”Reggie, what was your welcome to the NBA moment”” and Reggie tells a story about his first pre-season game. Chuck Person, one of his teammates, had told him before the game that Chuck was going to give Dominique Wilkins a “”love tap.””

Then Reggie continues with the story, as soon as the game started, Chuck Person elbowed Dominique Wilkins right in the neck, the benches cleared, and Reggie didn’t know what to do.

Shaq tells a very funny story about not knowing the difference between pre-season and regular season games. So, when he was with the Orlando Magic, Scott Skiles came up to him and said “”Hey man, calm down, the season has not started yet”” and Shaq answered “”What do you mean season has not started yet? We’re 3-0, we’re first in the conference””

LOL that was funny!

Challenges of Being a Professional Basketball Rookie

Charles explains the challenges these NBA rookies have after they get drafted. Chuck says “”it’s like you’re an alien, what I mean by that is they come and pick you up one day and drop you in a city.”” So the first thing that these rookies do is find a place to live.

The talk is getting better when Kenny talks about the difference between college games and professional games. In college, if you’re playing a good game (scoring a lot of points individually), that means your team is winning or close to winning.

In NBA games, one individual player could score a lot of points but his team could still lose by a lot. That’s how good these players are.

This is why NBA Open Court is such a great show because the panel is very funny and entertaining. Steve Kerr says he felt the pressure to make the team because he was on a non-guarantee contract.

Then Steve remembers the first game he played against Michael Jordan. Steve was on the bench and Michael looked him and said “”Watch this.”” Michael then went around Dan Majerle and dunked the ball. Steve was so intimidated he thought there was no way for him to make the team.

Kenny jokes and says “”I thought he said 10 years from now, I’m going to throw this to you”” predicting Steve Kerr’s game winning shot in the finals after receiving a pass from Michael Jordan.

Best Night as a Professional NBA Player

The show continues on discussing about each player’s best night as a professional basketball player in the NBA.

Shaq scores the most points in his game against the Los Angeles Clippers on his birthday. He tells a story about how he was planning to take it easy that game. However, the Los Angeles Lakers were losing and everybody was blaming Shaq.

Then, Shaq looked at the Clippers’ bench and saw Kareem Abdul-Jabbar giving instructions on how to stop Shaq.

Shaq did not take that lightly, so he demanded the ball throughout the game and dominated. Shaq finished the game with 61 points and 23 rebounds.

Steve Kerr shares an experience of making a minimum NBA salary. When a fight breaks out, back in the day, the bench players must get into the court to back up their teammates. However, it is also a $5,000 fine to leave the bench during such situation.

“”There goes five grand”” says Steve as he walks to “”back his teammate up.””

The interesting part is the players says they will look at the tape and finds out who didn’t leave the bench when a fight happened.

Watch the Rest of the Show

If you have not watched the Tallest Tale of the NBA, I suggest you watch the YouTube video at the top of this post. It is a very entertaining basketball pro talk show for fans.

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