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Golfing has increased in popularity, and it is important to have the right sportswear and golf accessories from a reliable brand to be a great golfer. There are many different golf accessories of various brands available on the market but what are the brands that promise a successful and enjoyable golfing experience?

This issue is exactly what this article will be discussing. Below are the biggest golf brands in the world today.

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First, on our list, we have the Callaway, an international golf company and the world’s biggest producer of golf clubs. They started in 1982 as a boutique producer of high-quality putters and wedges. They are committed to designing, producing and selling high-quality golf accessories, equipment, and other golf based products to golfers around the world. Callaway Golf Company products are available online and at golf or sporting goods retailers.

TaylorMade Golf Brands

TaylorMade Golf Company was established in 1979 and fared well at the top, winning gold medals in the hybrid, woods and driver categories. They offer a full line of products with unique technologies such as adjustable hosels and movable weights, allowing players to easily and quickly customize clubs to their playing style.

Ping Golf

Ping Golf Company is one of the biggest American producers of golf equipment founded by Karsten Solheime in 1959. Today, Ping Company is international and sells high-quality golf equipment to golf enthusiasts all around the world. Golfers of all levels can also integrate the iPing app with their Apple Watch to help improve their performance.

Nike Golf

Nike Golf utilizes the biggest names in Golf like Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Toods to endorse their products. The company’s division scores high marks and earns gold medals in multiple categories according to golf fans. They started officially in 1998 and offer a range of quality men’s and women’s golf balls, clubs, and accessories to golf enthusiasts around the world. It also allows golfers to order custom-made Nike Golf clubs online.

Nike Golf is definitely one of the most reputable golf brands in the world today.

Golf Pride

Ever since the introduction of its slip-on grip in the past five decades, the golf club grip from Eaton’s Golf Pride became accepted as the favorite choice for club repair professionals, club manufacturers, competitive amateur players and tour golfers. Today, Golf pride is the largest manufacturer of golf club grips due to the strength and quality of their product. They boast more than 60 unique grip configurations, design, and sizes with their sales facilities placed strategically on the five continent.

Mizuno Golf

Mizuno Corporation started officially in the year 1906 in Osaka, Japan. They excel in the production and distribution of high-quality apparel and gear for running, volleyball, baseball, and golf. Among the pros, they are one of the most popular irons, no wonder they collect many favorable reviews and receive the “Top Craftsmanship Award” from Golf Tips.

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Titleist Golf brand is a long leading ball company and probably the most famous name in golf accessories and apparels. After releasing its iconic golf balls in the year 1935, Titleist expended its brand to manufacture and distribute golf clubs that could be personalized and customized for golfers of all levels.

Adidas Golf

This German multinational corporation is one of the most reliable names in designing and manufacturing of top quality clothing, shoes and accessories. Another important fact: Adidas is the second largest sportswear producer in the world. They are also a global leader in the production of golf apparels and footwear that are destined to make golfers feel good and improve performance.


This clothing company is the number one producer and distributor of golf gloves and footwear in the United States. They began their operation in 1857. Today, they produce sturdy, and quality shoes that provide stability and comfort a golfer require for a right swing. It also provides quality apparels, socks, and gears to improve golfer’s performances.

Under Armour Golf

Kevin Plank started Under Armour in 1996 as a devoted seller of apparels. The company its brand to manufacture and distribute both male and female golf apparels, shoes, and other golf accessories to golf enthusiasts all around the world. They received the credit for their adaptive fabric that maintains the right level of warmth while playing and shoes that help golfers optimize their skills.

Cobra Golf

This golf company was established by a Thomas Crow, a club designer and former Australian golf Champion. They are a leading manufacturer of high-performance golf equipment and clubs for golfers at all level. Golf fans recognize them for their line of gigantic titanium drivers and also for offering custom-made clubs and discounts for collegiate and high school golf teams.

Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf started in 1979 with the focus on producing the best golf clubs. They release the 588 which is still one of their best-selling golf clubs in 1988. Cleveland Golf specializes in producing and selling golf equipment as well as their fully customized wedges.

Bridgestone Golf

Bridgestone started in 1931 with the focus of manufacturing and selling golf balls. In 1972, they expanded into the production and sales of golf clubs. The company’s goal is to design and produce golf equipment and apparel that fit avid golfers and their style of play. Bridgestone Golf also allows you to select a set of clubs and try them out before you commit to purchase.


Step up your golf game with the best golf grips from Lamkin. The company started in 1925 as the first American producer of grips for golf clubs. They offer superior quality golf grip of various styles, sizes, and colors to avid golfers around the world.

Wilson Golf

If you are looking for valuable and high-end golf equipment and accessories, the high-quality products from Wilson Golf might be all you need. The company started in 1989. They manufacture equipment for various kinds of sports and offer a full line of superior quality golf products.

Puma Golf

Puma golf brand is one of the most reliable names when it comes to the production and sales of superior quality apparels and footwear. The company is a holding company for Cobra Golf. It commits itself to providing nothing but quality male and female clothing and footwear that can help improve golfer’s performances.

Adams Golf

Adams Golf is a golf club producer founded in 1983. Now, Adams brand is under TaylorMade Golf umbrella and offers several options to golfers who are looking to save money on high-quality golf equipment. You can buy their products online or at a retailer store.

Ashworth Golf

This golf apparel company and a subsidiary of TaylorMade Golf company started officially in 1987.The company focus on producing comfortable, high-performance golf clothing for golfers who are looking to enjoying their golfing experiences.

Top Flite

Top Flite Golf is a division of Callaway Golf Company. They produce high-end golf equipment and accessories that are durable and popular.

Odyssey Golf

This golf brand is also a division of Callaway Golf Company. They sell superior quality, fully-customized, golf club accessories and putters to meet the golfer’s specifications.

What is Your Favorite Golf Brand?

I hope this article has helped you in finding the biggest golf brands in the world that suits your styles. There are much more golf brands that can provide you a successful and enjoyable golfing experience. But, the brands above are the ones we find with more durable and reliable products.

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